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IMBB#24: 30 Minutes

I love this short-term cooking recipes. I cook lunch every day and my four year old son is realy hungry after his return from kindergarten. So when I don't want to prepare everything in advance I have to choose quick dishes. Often I cook with a wok, prepare coucous with vegetables or quick pasta dishes. I'm very interested in all the recipes that will take part in the event and will see which ones I will try on our menu plan.

Pasta with cream cheese-broccoli-sauce
serves 4

600 g broccoli
600 ml vegetable broth
1 onion
1 tablespoon butter
300 g dried pasta
100 g cream cheese with herbs
50 g freshly ground parmesan
freshly ground pepper

Clean the broccoli, take the flowerets apart, peel the stalk and cut it into tubes. Cook the flowerets in the broth for four minutes. Rinse it and save the broth. Chop the onion very fine. Melt the butter in a saucepan and steam the onion and the broccoli cubes. Extinguish with 500 ml of the vegetable broth and steam it for 8 minutes.
Cook the pasta regarding the times on the package. Mash the broccoli cubes with the broth, add the cream cheese and 30 g parmesan. Add the broccolie flowerets and boil it short. Season with salt and pepper, add the dripped pasta and add rest of the parmesan.

IMBB24+ 30minutes

24.3.06 21:06

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